About Us

CVFD offers both fire and emergency medical services (EMS)


Our fire police act as traffic control for motor vehicle accidents and natural disasters. We have both certified interior and exterior firefighters who are adept at fire suppression, river and trail rescues, hazardous material incidents, and managing a wide variety of scenes and scenarios. Our current fire chief is Fred Scoville.

Apparatus: One Tanker, two Engines, one Rescue Truck, a brush fire/utility truck, and a rope rescue truck with trailer. We also have a rescue boat and an ATV trailer with two all terrain vehicles.


We have many EMS first responders located throughout the town who can get to a patient before the ambulance arrives. Our certified emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) provide exceptional, courteous care to patients. We offer one of the last I-tech ambulance squads in the region; meaning that we have EMT’s who can administer advanced medical care through intravenous and intubation techniques. Our rescue captain is Zach Sawicki.

Apparatus: Our main piece of apparatus is our Ambulance which equipped with some of latest advanced medical devices such as a Stryker Power Load. We also have Zoll AutoPulse .

Transport: Our primary transport hospital is Sharon Hospital. Patients can be transported BLS (Basic Life Support), ALS (Advanced life support) with a paramedic service intercept, or in critical situations Lifestar Helicopter Evacuation.

Below is a short video about lifestar.